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Garage Door Not Closing

If your garage door is not closing in a proper way, it could be because of the safety sensors on your garage door opener. Close to the ground, you can find these photocells. The safety sensors on the garage door keep it from closing too quickly and hurting or destroying someone or something underneath it.

The safety sensors on a garage door are important, but they may also be to blame when the door won’t close. If something like a spider web or a broomstick gets in the way of the garage door opener’s sensors, it will stop and turn around. So, the Garage door not closing all the way.

Reasons the garage door not closing all the way

Make sure there is nothing in the way of the door. No matter how clear this problem seems, it can’t be ignored. Check the garage floor and the area around it for any debris or foreign objects that might be causing the problem. Check the garage door tracks and the door itself for debris that could get in the way of how the door works.

Make sure that all the safety features work

When the garage door doesn’t close all the way, it’s often because of the safety sensors on the opener. Most of the time, this is true. On both the open and closed sides of the garage door, these sensors must be placed no more than six inches above the ground. They are placed next to each other and face outward. When the Garage door not closing, they send a signal down the length of the entryway to see if anything is in the way.

Safety sensors are an important part of garage door openers that make it safe to open and close the door. If you want the garage door to close smoothly, you must have these sensors installed by a professional and keep up with their maintenance.