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Garage Door Not Opening

Without a garage door, you can’t get in or out of your garage. When your car is stuck in the garage because the door is broken, it can mess up your whole day. If Garage door not opening, you should call a pro.

Make sure the photo-eye is in the right place

Because the photo-eye can tell if someone or something is blocking the door, it is important to keep it clean and free of dust so it can keep doing its job.

Check to see if the power source works

Make sure that the door is plugged in and that the switch at the mains is on. Even though it’s a simple statement of Garage door not opening, it’s important enough to say again.

Check to make sure the lock is not locked

Locking the garage door gives you peace of mind when you’re gone for a long time, even if it’s just overnight. In many situations, this is the best and most efficient way to do things.

To see if it works, shut it down and then turn it back on

The old advice to “force a system reboot,” or turn off and then turn back on a piece of technology, works just as well for garage door controllers as it does for the doors themselves.

Make sure everything is in the right place

Professionals say that the cable system in an automatic garage door is the most important moving part because it tells the door where to go when it is turned on.

The springs need to be looked at

One of the most common reasons why people call repairmen is because their garage door spring is broken. Also, the springs are often the first part of a door system to break.

Problems with remote controls have been a source of worry

There could be a number of things wrong with the remote that are keeping it from working. Either the remote is too far from the sensor, the antenna is blocked, the batteries are dead, or the device needs to be set up again. If you exactly know what’s wrong with your door, you might be able to handle it yourself or get an estimation from an expert. If your garage door isn’t working and you need to get out quickly, a safety feature lets you push a button to raise the door.